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Once upon a time, there was a Canadian craze

People are odd in Canada. And since I live here now, well, I've joined the crowd in the hunt for those.


Forget seeing a moose, this is THE item of the season! But try as I might, I can't seem to find those red mittens anywhere. They're sold out! I've been looking for them for weeks now. Even on line it's hard to get - the official stores all announce that they are sold out. To think I wanted to bring some back for the family... *snif*

This morning, at 10 a.m., I called the store to see if they had received any. They had. Just this morning. I rushed to the shower, then took the LRT (our "subway" - it has only one line) to the store. I arrived at 10:40. They were sold out! Four other persons were looking for them - and whenever we saw someone with The Red Mittens in line to the cashiers, all we could say was "well, good for you, I'm glad you got some! I'll have better luck next time." (I'm not kidding, I heard people say this today to total strangers over mittens - I love the politeness of it).

If you think I'm overreacting to the shortage of red mittens, I'm not! Yesterday, the Globe and Mail (national newspaper) ran an article about this craze: Red mitten fever has gone national: "Canadians are smitten with mittens. Specifically, those ubiquitous red Olympic mittens that, not so long ago, seemed to be everywhere. Now, they are virtually sold out from coast to coast.

"The toasty hand-wear, costing just $10, has become the "it" gift for Christmas, bigger than Beanie Babies. At the Bay and Zellers stores across the country where the mittens are marketed, most days you can't snare a pair for love or money."

And call me crazy, but living in a country that can be so politely excited over mittens? *is in love*
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