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Once upon a time, there was a race marshall

This morning, I was race marshall at the Hypothermia half-marathon! (I was supposed to be at the water station but they changed that) I was teamed with three other persons, and our job was to wear orange vests, point the runners in the right direction, and cheer them along. From 8 until noon. From -20°C to -10°C. And guess what? I had a great time! Sure, there were moments when I could not feel my toes, but there were four of us on this intersection, that way if we needed to take a break and go warm up in the car, we could. We were on an intersection at the beginning of the loop, and the runners were running it twice. Basically, we got to see each runner four times. There were three different groups (departing at 8, 9 and 10 a.m.).

We cheered, directed traffic, and the likes. It was cool to see the smile on the runners' face when they were tired and we cheered. Some thanked us, some high fived, some joked around... It was all good fun. The people responsible for the volunteers brought us hot cocoa a couple of times. One of the volunteers went to pick up Starbucks for the four of us. The sky was clear blue, sunny, and windy.

I should be doing it again in two weeks (this time, I'll wear better gloves, and a second pair of socks - and don't ask me why, but it's the second edition of the Hypothermia half-marathon... It's impressive to see how many of them are running these things). And seeing these people (every age, every shape) running a half-marathon (each of them had a different reason - one middle aged woman had apparently been dragged by her daughter and was cursing and wondering why she had agreed to do that, but the big grin on her face told a different story), all of them at different speed, I decided to register for the 10km race on St Patrick's Day. Technically, since I am in the "learn to run" group, I should be going for the 5 km, but I already run 5k on my own, so there's no challenge, you know? When I was in New Zealand, I speed walked a 10k race, so I know I can run it. And even if I can't run the whole way, I'll alternate walking and running and I'll cross the finish line. So there it is, I'll go and register this afternoon (I hope the tee-shirt will be cool - shallow of me to say so, I agree lol).

ETA: Registration: done \o/
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