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The one with the race

Sooo... Sunday's race. It was awesome! I was so excited before the race, I couldn't stand still. I found my group before the start, and we deciced that our goal was to finish the race and not worry about time. But when they gave the signal for the start, something happened, and all of a sudden, I was determined to finish it under 35 minutes.

Since it was the St Patrick Day's Race, there were people dressed in green (green shirts, or green hat, or whatever else). It was fun, and everybody seemed to be in a good mood.

The start was a little chaotic, because the runners and walkers started that the same time (a mistake, imo: they should have the runners start before the walkers), but I ran on the side and managed to pass most of them. 500m into the race, I was able to settle in a nice rythm.

In the last kilometer, there was a hill, which nearly killed me (I really need to do some hill training - it's part of the program of the next clinic anyway). I started walking, and someone from my group passed me and told me that we were almost there - it gave me the push I needed, and I started running again. When I finally saw the finish line, I got so excited I almost got sick - and I had the biggest smile on my face!

After the race, I was ready to collapse. I waited for my group, we were all thrilled, and we went for brunch. We chatted and laughed... it was great!

I've had the official results yesterday: I ran the 5k in 31'32", which I'm really happy with. In the women 30-39 category, I was 19th out of 78. Overall, I was #98, out of 341 runners. In the first third, hurray!

My goal for the next 5K: under 30 minutes *determined*
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