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The one with the 30 days meme - day 24

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Day 24 - Best quote

The series that has my favorite lines is Kaamelott, written by Alexandre Astier. I love this show: the writing, the acting, the way they deliver their lines, the casting...

To pick the best of them all would be impossible, but let's say that I have a soft spot for the one on my icon: in that particular episode, King Arthur's mother in law made a "tarte" (an open pie?), but the crust is so hard that they can't chew it, which leads her husband to say: "sans vouloir la ramener, la seule différence concrète avec des briques, c'est que vous appelez ça des tartes" (roughly translated: "the only real difference between this and a brick is that you call it a tarte"). I couldn't find a video link unfortunatly.
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