Babycakes (babycakesin) wrote,

The one with the 30 days meme - days 28-29-30

Day 28 - First TV show obsession
I honestly can't remember, but I would say Highlander.

Day 29 - Current TV show obsession
ETA: I wouldn't call it an obsession, really, but as far as current tv shows go, I would say True Blood (because I'm reading the books as well).
Alright, I change my vote: it's Lost, definitely Lost [/ETA]

Day 30 - Saddest character death
Richie Ryan, in Highlander. There had been times when Duncan almost killed him before, and Richie was one of the regulars: his death took me by surprise.
Tags: meme: 30 days of tv, tv: highlander, tv: true blood
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